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A fitness centre right in the city centre

Our sports centre includes a group fitness studio, a spinning studio, gym zones for cardio and strength training, as well as a multi-purpose zone for personal fitness. In addition, we have a reception area, stretching zone and beautiful changing rooms. Brave has several certified Les Mills instructors, and we offer a wide range of their workout programmes in our classes.

We run group classes Monday to Friday. The Trip – an exciting spinning session with a journey through digitally created worlds – is run morning, day and evening all week.

Brave Sportssenter, Haakon VIIs gate 9, 4005 Stavanger. E-post: post@bravesport.no

This is our management duo at Brave Sports Centre:

Atle Kvia

General Manager

Atle is the general manager and owner of Brave Sports Centre. He has extensive experience as a business manager in construction, civil engineering and real estate. Atle is a positive person who thinks that “everything is possible”.
The centre’s general manager was active in both handball and football while growing up. He had to opt out of football in the 3rd and 4th divisions, when he and the rest of the men’s team at Nærbø moved up to the Elite Series in handball.

After his active football and handball career was over, he competed in the North Sea bike race and worked out at a gym to keep in shape. Like Maren, Atle also loves group fitness.


Maren S. Kvia

Group Fitness Manager and Instructor

Maren has extensive experience as an instructor at several of the district’s fitness centres. She can be described as strong, fast and humble, and she has a wonderful mix of enthusiasm and serenity.

Our group fitness manager has a comprehensive sports background. In her teens, she played football and was on Klepp’s elite team. She also practised judo and enjoyed horseback riding while growing up. She also enjoys cycling and has competed in the North Sea bike race several times.

After an injury at a young age, she took a serious interest in working out in gyms. She quickly developed a penchant for group fitness – where she discovered the feeling of “team spirit” again.
Maren is certified in a number of Les Mills group fitness workout programmes.



We will help people fall in love with fitness so that they want to work out.