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Fitness without a fight


What is Fitness Boxing?

Fitness boxing is a new HIIT* group fitness concept at Brave, which combines boxing with regular fitness exercises and strength training. Here you can work out effectively without going into battle! Have fun and let the sweat pour out of you. The class is run by a capable and experienced trainer. NB! Be prepared for a class full of energy and enthusiasm!

This class is suitable for everyone. You decide on the level of intensity yourself. It is not necessary to have previous boxing experience.

*High Intensity Interval Training

Punch your way into great shape

Fitness Boxing provides a full body workout and gets you in shape by making you faster and stronger. Let go and empower yourself.


Fitness Boxing works out your legs, tones your arms, back and shoulders and provides phenomenal strengthening of your core muscles. You burn calories, develop coordination, agility, speed and feel empowered.


You can set a Fitness Boxing class to the level that suits you. Our instructors always show you options for finding the right level. Start carefully and you will be working out like a champion in no time.