Strength and cardio


What is Total Fitness?

Total Fitness is a HIIT class* with circuit training for strength and cardio. The different stations can vary but will normally include ropes, kettle bells, manuals, rowing etc. Perfect form of training for you who want both challenges and variety during the training class!

You control the intensity based on your starting point – but this is an hour where you really have to challenge yourself!

* High Intensity Interval Training

This is how Total Fitness is carried out

The instructor starts the class with a review of the exercises at each station. After the review, there will be a joint warm-up before the intervals begin. The intervals are carried out station by station in teams with others in such a way that we comply with the infection control rules. After intense intervals, we end with a slight tapering.

Who is the class for?

Total Fitness is for those who like to challenge themselves with high intensity interval training. The instructor could give simple tips for alternative implementation of the exercises if you need a slightly adapted program.