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Our most important measures

In order to be allowed to stay open, we are required to follow the industry standard for infection prevention measures that have been prepared for fitness centres. Below you will find our most important measures. Further down, you can download a PDF file with the entire industry standard.

You are welcome to exercise with us if you are completely free of symptoms

Keep a minimum of 1 metre distance from others – 2 metres during strenuous physical activity

A limited number of visitors at one time on the premises and in group classes

Thorough hand washing with soap and water before, during and after exercise

Equipment and other contact surfaces must be cleaned by users immediately after use

Showers and changing rooms can only be used if a distance of 1 metre is kept

Infection prevention measures for fitness companies

Covid-19 is transmitted primarily through droplets and contact infection routes. The virus is spread primarily through coughing and sneezing – and less by normal speech/talking.

The measures in the guide are a description of infection prevention measures that can help reduce the risk of infection to a minimum. By implementing such stricter measures for infection prevention, fitness companies will be able to stay open, serve customers and retain staff.

Would you like to know more? Download the guide here