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What is personal training?

Through personal training, you receive valuable guidance that is equally important whether you have a lot of experience working out or if you are just a beginner. Your personal trainer will test your limits and perform exercises with you, and the experience will teach you about yourself and your body, which in turn will make your workouts far more effective and fun.

A personal trainer (PT) helps you get the most out of your workouts! Your PT ensures that you work out with the right intensity, have the correct technique and helps you create a tailored-made fitness routine that suits you and your physique.

A PT is there to provide you with a good experience working out, and you are the only focus during the sessions!

By tailoring the training session to your requirements and physique, you will feel that each session is getting you a step closer towards your goals. Your PT brings you to your full potential and pushes you to your maximum. You will know what it is like to work purposefully and effectively, which is guaranteed to give results. Everyone wants to work out as efficiently as possible and with the best possible results! It is tedious to spend a lot of time working out and finding out afterwards that you should have done different exercises to achieve the desired effect. It is important to think about quality rather than quantity.
What counts is not only the hours you put into the training, but also what you put into those training hours. The PT helps you to streamline and ensure the quality of your workouts, so that you get the maximum benefit.

A PT session will give you knowledge that lasts a lifetime. Knowledge motivates, and using that knowledge, you will be able to maintain the results you achieve with a PT even when you work out on your own.

PT session prices: 1 hour: NOK 650
10 hour package: NOK 5,000
PT duo session: NOK 840

Eight good reasons to choose personal training:

  1. Personal training is tailored based on your needs and goals. Personal training is tailored based on your needs and goals.
  2. You get help setting sound, realistic goals and a creating concrete plan for how to achieve them.
  3. You reach your goals faster.
  4. Having regular sessions with a Personal Trainer ensures that you actually work out regularly.
  5. Working out will become more fun, and you will experience the joy of exercising for its own sake, which creates an inner motivation to work out.
  6. There is less risk of injury and overstraining yourself.
  7. You will be challenged to go outside your comfort zone, and this develops both your body and the way you think about exercise.8.
  8. You learn a lot about properly working out.